Losing the ability to contemplate nature for itself

Should something happen at the end of the pier?

Must this trail lead somewhere at all?
Tok Tokkie, Namibia

Would a cataclysm make this place any more spectacular ?

No need for suspense here
Namibian desert

Who said a desert was emptiness?
Little Sandy desert; Australia

Does unfamiliarity frighten you?

Would a back story improve your impressions?
Beardmore Glacier; Antarctica

Is it plain to you?

Over-dramatized oil war or peaceful oasis?
Lybia desert

There is still beauty where there is "nothing"
Bonneville salt flats; Nevada

 If you find this boring get the hell out!
Atacama desert; Chile


If you're not moved by the immensity of the landscape, by the humbling scale, by the subtle variations in uniformity, by the depth of emptiness, by the simple beauty of Nature... you're not ready to immerse yourself in contemplative cinema which requires you to leave at the door your conformist expectations, your need for patronizing signposting, your self-indulgent entertainment craving. CCC is the antithesis of the horror vacui, there is no fear of emptyness, by embracing the absence of oversignificance. CCC is not merely an uneventful static landscape... far from it, there are macro narratives and micro dramas going on in a minimalist film. But being able to handle the breath-taking contemplation of a simple scenery for more than a hasty glance at a postcard (these pictures above stand in for the real life location where you could experience the view over there, in situ, not just the snapshot on a webpage they are here), is the minimal requirement to enter the understated universe of time-based cinema (as opposed to action/word-based cinema). Go walk deep into the non-industrialized Nature for a while to shake off your conditioned automatism that make you find boring anything that is not instantaneous, pre-digested and dumbing down.  



curcuma said…
Je découvre votre site. Je ne trouve pas de page présentant l'ensemble... Soit, flânons. Y-a-t-il des projections associées ? Parce que "Regarde où tu marches" (visible en ligne) s'y trouverait bien me semble-t-il...