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Focus on China Doc

In February, I presented a special programme in Berlin at Directors Lounge , I thought I could post also the presentation text I wrote for the brochure and which is now available on the fragments ' blog . presentation of films on pdf files can be downloaded here . This special focus presented at Directors Lounge 2007 in Berlin (08-18 February 2007) comprises of several long and short videos and illustrates the singularity and the richness of independent Chinese documentary in a concise manner taking from an artistic and cinematic point of view. For a certain time now, Chinese independent documentary has been noticeably flourishing. It is even interesting to observe how fast and how much it has produced and how it will evolve. With the self-development of alternative structures, festivals and platforms in Mainland China, it surely presents a potential to expand and at least to alter the cinematic landscape and the film industry in general. The rise of new technologies and the us