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Observer l'animal (Ariane Michel)

Hors Pistes 2012, interview de Ariane Michel 29 février 2012 ( centrepompidou ) 7'37" Filmographie CCC : Les Hommes (2006/Ariane Michel/France) Rêve de cheval (2004/Ariane Michel/France) Après les pluies (2003/Ariane Michel/France) Lire aussi :  L'animal protagoniste   Solitude (France Culture) Stasis films 2 (landscape)   L'eau dormante (Bachelard) Quattro volte (critique contemplative) 1  -  2 - 4 Losing the ability to contemplate Nature for itself  

El mínimo gesto (Fransisco Algarín Navarro)

-1- -2- -3- El Mínimo Gesto (2009/Fransisco Algarín Navarro/Belgique) 26'55" eLumière Peliculas : 1.  Le Moindre Geste , Fernand Deligny · Milestones , Robert Kramer · Germania anno zero , Roberto Rossellini · L´Enfance nue , Maurice Pialat · My Childhood , Bill Douglas · Ponette , Jacques Doillon · El espíritu de la colmena , Víctor Erice · Killer of Sheep , Charles Burnett · Les Quatre cents coups , François Truffaut · Mods , Serge Bozon · Mes Petites amoureuses , Jean Eustache · A nos amours , Maurice Pialat· Paranoid Park , Gus van Sant · Elephant , Gus van Sant · En la ciudad de Sylvia , Jose Luis Guerin · Pas ton bac d´abord , Maurice Pialat · Les Amants reguliers , Philippe Garrel · L´Heure d'été , Olivier Assayas · La Fille de quinze ans , Jacques Doillon · Le Pornographe , Bertrand Bonello · Adieu Philippine , Jacques Rozier · Fin août, début septembre , Olivier Assayas · Tout est pardonné , Mia Hansen-Love · Cómo estar muerto / Como estar muerto ,

Silent Art (Abramovic)

This is a silent party Silent Party ( Sundance 2012 ) 24 Jan 2012 Silence for a Talkie (Brooks Barnes; NYT ; 24 Jan 2012)  Marina Abramovic Throws a Silent Party at Sundance (Jada Yuan; NewYorkMag ; 24 Jan 2012) Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present (2012, HBO documentary) 99'  IMDb MOCA Gala 2011: An Artist's Life Manifesto (12 November 2011, Los Angeles)  video  4'44" Marina Abramović: The Artist Is Present (MoMA 14 March - 31 May 2010) For every day of the run, for every hour that the museum was open, Abramovic sat stoically in a chair in the middle of a squared-off space where museum-goers were invited to sit across from her and look into her eyes -- one at a time, for as long as they wished. Meanwhile, upstairs in the gallery, live performers, many of them nude, recreated works from Abramovic’s 40-year career. The show became a phenomenon, eliciting long lines, attention-hungry scenesters, public weeping, and even a video game . In the p

Less is more

Less stuff, more happiness, Graham Hill Mar 2011 TED Talks 5'50 Writer and designer Graham Hill asks: Can having less stuff, in less room, lead to more happiness? He makes the case for taking up less space, and lays out three rules for editing your life. * * * "You suspect, without even thinking about it, that any business called Dombey & Sons, Trujillo & Sons, Eubelhor & Sons, or even Harvey & Daughters must be a venerable business indeed. People are not founding companies today, as they once did, in hopes that their grandchildren would someday carry on the family tradition. No. Grandchildren take time. Nor does one buy deep-blue denim jeans with their dye stiff as tin, resigned to wearing them for a year before achieving a faded 'look.' One buys them prewashed, prefaded, and maybe prepatched at the knees or seat. Who can wait for nature to take its course? The traditional leather jacket, like a second skin