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CCC Auteurs Watchlist : Roy ANDERSSON

Unique Swedish filmmaker, Roy ANDERSSON, is 78 this year and made his last (according to him) film in 2019 : About Endlessness . A 2020 documentary, Being a Human Person  (directed by Fred Scott) follows its making of, where the auteur struggles with alcoholism. Andersson only made 6 feature films within 50 years, and many TV commercials ( compiled in this 34min long YouTube video ). Let's hope there will be a 7th Roy Andersson film and many more. * * * Some videos where he's discussing his art : Roy Andersson interviewed about A Pigeon Sat On A Branch Reflecting On Existence (27 march 2021) 22'31" Q&A with Roy Andersson (26 sept 2020) 1h06' Roy Andersson & Ruben Östlund (30 june 2011) 7'27" Roy Andersson on his career (11 sept 2009) 6' Roy Andersson's official website : Studio 24

Sommaire 2009

FILM REVIEWS Le moindre geste / The least Gesture (Deligny)   INTERVIEWS Kiarostami Interview on YT Béla Tarr 2008 Interview on French Radio Wang Bing on Real and Fiction Nuri Bilge Ceylan's masterclass Bruno Dumont on Mysticism VIDEO CLIPS Mobile Men (2008/Weerasethakul) James Benning in Pampelona 2009 BOOKS Le cinéma de l'immobilité - Ludovic Cortade UNSPOKEN Journal - now online Turbulence and Flow (Y. Biro) Propos sur la flânerie CITATIONS Images that Cannot be Banned (Jia Zhangke) ILLUSTRATIONS Lav Diaz run time CCC timeline 2008 OTHERS Satantango at 15 UNSOKEN: Debut Issue, Last call. LINKS :: Sharunas BARTAS   LINKS :: Raya MARTIN LINKS :: Lisandro ALONSO LINKS :: Apichatpong WEERASETHAKUL LINKS :: Albert SERRA LINKS :: James BENNING Average Shot Length in CCC Sushi-conveyor filmmaking   CONTRIBUTIONS Jeanne Dielman (Just Another Film Buff) The Films of Artavazd Peleshian (Just Another Film Buff) Still Life (Just Another Film Buff) The Wind Will Carry Us (Just Anothe

CCC Auteurs Watchlist : Benedek FLIEGAUF

 5 years since Benedek FLIEGAUF's last film, Lily Lane ( Liliom ösvény ), at the 2016 Berlinale... And Lily Lane came out 4 years after Just The Wind ( Czak a szél ), which premiered at the 2012 Berlinale. But Fliegauf is practically a one-man band, who does writting, directing, set design, music, sound design, casting...  He's back this year with a new film, Forest - I See You Everywhere ( Rengeteg - Mindenhol latlak ), premiereing in competition at the 2021 Berlinale ! starring Mihaly Vig and his own son Janos Fliegauf. " Seven hypnotic and erratic fugue-like miniatures. Seemingly harmless at the beginning, they become increasingly intense until they culminate in a psychological kaleidoscope. Grandfather is silent – is he still alive? A man talks to a wardrobe – why? Absent people creep ghost-like into the lives and conversations of couples and families. They are the lost, the repressed and the missing. Young men shock their mothers – one with love, the other with c

Lav Diaz - Philippine Noir (NLR July 2021)

  " [..] Although he is a well-known figure there, Diaz’s films have been screened only sporadically in the Philippines itself, the product not only of political constraints—a number have been banned—but also of working beyond the bounds of an entrenched national film industry. [..] His oeuvre, though, remains little understood. On the global circuit, he is regularly acclaimed as a master of ‘slow cinema’. In interviews, Diaz rarely fails to correct the record: ‘it’s not slow cinema; it’s cinema.’ [..] A critical framework of this kind [Slow Cinema], encompassing such a heterogeneous set of directors of disparate geographies and lineages, has the potential to obscure as much as it elucidates. In Diaz’s case, there is an evident disconnection between the discourse of slow cinema and the concerns that animate his films. The historical, social and political character of the Philippines is his primary subject—‘the struggle is there. I cannot turn my back on it’—and his achievement is

Sommaire 2013

CITATION Peindre avec le temps (Ruttman) Changement philosophique (Riquier) The Void does not exlude nor oppose ILLUSTRATION CCC or Not ?  VIDEO CLIPS Like a Sloth Regular Days (EIKAWA Yuki) Live in the Moment : Make a 10min pause for a change Le temps philosophique (Etienne Klein) Contemplation is beyond extroverts Rice harvest in Japan (Yuki Eikawa) Serra (Centre Pompidou) Filmer l'invisible (documentaire macroscopique animalier) Serra et Alonso à Paris (17 avril - 26 octobre 2013) La master class de Raymond Depardon Always hyperaccelerated... even when it's ontocolagically slow! OTHERS New 2013 Title Banners Sommaire 2012 Yearly Table of Content / Sommaire général annuel