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Azul el mar (2019) Sabrina Moreno

AZUL EL MAR (2019/Sabrina MORENO/Argentina) The sea is not blue. The sea has no colour. It only appears to be blue because of the reflection of the blue sky. This overture statement puts into question the reality our eyes cannot see. The sea is blue in our eyes, but they are deceived by the laws of physics ; in fact the water is transparent. This is a conundrum that will distract our mind while we watch Azul el mar (titled An Ocean Blue in English).   In Mar Del Plata, a perfect middle class family of 6, with 4 children (2 boys, 2 daughters), is taking a vacation trip to the ocean. This is the 90ies because there is no cellphones, children listen to a cassette player, play Simon, and take argentic pictures with an old reflex camera… As the days at the beach unfold, we grow wary of the realism of images. Everything seems normal until the montage goes distorted, deconstructing the pretty memories of this trip into a meticulous introspection. Flashback, daydreaming, fantasy, alternate

Lumière, Warhol, Slow Cinema, Documentary Aesthetics (Craig Fischer)

    English 3175 (video 5) Slow Cinema (Craig Fischer) 26 Sept. 2020 (13'51") Craig Fischer is teaching at the Appalachian State University (Department of English) North Carolina, USA Class : English 3175 Studies in Genre, Issues in Documentary, video presenttion #5 Related read on Unspoken Cinema : Louis Lumière (Rohmer, Renoir, Langlois)