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Please participate in a Contemplative Cinema spectatorship study (Jakob Boer)

  Participants needed for scientific research Introduction For my PhD-research project at The University of Groningen (The Netherlands) and Macquarie University Sydney (Australia), I study the audience experience of contemplative or slow cinema. For my research I am looking for (adult) viewers who have an interest in this type of film and who have watched at least one or more contemplative film(s).  Aim of the study This study should contribute to an enhanced understanding of the viewing mode and the possible effects of slow cinema spectatorship. Using qualitative methods, I investigate how people experience and appreciate these films and my study ultimately aims to theorize the possible aesthetic, salutary and ethical values slow cinema might have for the audience. What will you do? For this study, you will participate in an online interview (in English, 1 hour max.) about your experience of watching a selected film. Additionally, you will fill out a short online questionnaire (which

WANG Bing à Rennes 2022

"Wang Bing à la trace" exposition à la galerie Art & essai du campus de l'université Rennes 2 du 14 janvier au 26 février 2022 Commissariat : Antony Fiant 3 continents - 3 questions #6 Wang Bing ( YouTube ) Festival des 3 continents (1er février 2022) 4'34"