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Comparative Duration in WISEMAN's oeuvre

  See also at Unspoken Cinema: Comparative Duration in WANG Bing's oeuvre Comparative Duration in Lav DIAZ's oeuvre Lav Diaz Run Time Average Shot Length in CCC

moments of ma (Gina Lim)

  moments of ma. | vlog | cineprint16 (YouTube) 1'56" Gina Lim (26 Dec 2023) View also on Unspoken Cinema: "Ma" in Japanese Cinema (Hamaguchi)

Guide to zen (Robert Waldinger)

  Harvard professor’s 6-step guide to zen | Robert Waldinger (YouTube) 8'18" Big Think (29 Dec 2023)

First Impressions: Sátántangó (Rational Ryan)

  First Impressions: Sátántangó (YouTube) 8'02" Rational Ryan (23 Feb 2021)

Sátántangó - Closing The Circle (The STACKS)

  Sátántangó - Closing The Circle (YouTube) 1h01'17" The STACKS (15 Nov 2022) There's much more to Sátántangó than its length. This faithful adaptation of László Krasznahorkai's novel is both literary in scope and cinematic in expression. In this video, Stephen explores its ideas and repetitions, contextualising it inside of the filmmaker's wider filmography.  Written and recorded by Stephen Gillespie Byrning Editing and music by Jack Davenport

Honorary Award for Béla Tarr (EFA2023)

  European Film Awards 2023 Honorary Award: Béla Tarr (YouTube) 11'49" La Chambre Verte (10 dec 2023)

CCC FAQ #11 : What if I am lost on the Unspoken Cinema blog?

Contemporary Contemplative Cinema Frequently Asked Questions #11: What if I am lost on the Unspoken Cinema blog ? No worries. Follow this simple guide. Unspoken Cinema is a blog dedicated to the studies of the Contemplative Cinema aesthetics. I post my thoughts on Contemplative Cinema, my researches and findings, some film reviews or interviews of mine. Also I cite other authors speaking about it, or video interviews and masterclasses of CCC auteurs. And more and more recently video-essays made by film students and academics since it is in fashion nowadays. On this blog, there are Films Recommandations which lists all the films deemed to belong to this family, year by year since 1960. And the comments section there is open for more recommendations by the readers. There is a virtual Library which lists all the Books published on this very subject since 2005, as well as the Monographs on individual CCC auteurs, the Periodics, the Theses written by film students on this topic, and the a

Béla Tarr's interview (New Translation)

  "I don't let them to play" Interview with Béla Tarr (ART IS NICE S04, E04) (YouTube) 7'11" New Translation (23 oct 2023)

The Stoic Breeze (Tomas Gold)

The Stoic Breeze - Film from Tomas Gold on Vimeo . 24 March 2022  

A Focus on Slice of Life Films 3 (Vamshi Ohgs)

  A Focus on "Slice of Life" Films - VOLUME: III (YouTube) 19'56" Vamshi Ohgs (10 dec 2023) on Hirokazu KORE-EDA See also the 2 previous episodes : Slice of Life Films (Vamshi Ohgs) on Ozu & Edward Yang

WANG Bing on Youth (Spring)

  Cannes 2023: Meet director Wang Bing who talks about his film 'Youth (Spring)' (YouTube) 8'22" Unifrance (31 May 2023) ENGLISH Subtitles

Masterclass 2020 Amat Escalante (Español)

  Amat Escalante | MASTERCLASS 2020 (YouTube) 1h59' Escuela Superior de Cine | ESCINE (14 May 2020)

SLOW AWARDS (James' Fault line)

Almost 14 years since the eruption of the "Slow Cinema" controversy, by Nick James (no longer editor in chief since 2019) at Sight&Sound. Do you remember? (as a reminder, see Slow films, easy life , my most viewed and cited article to date)... let's take a look at the situation a decade and a half down the line. The film that sparked James' pouting was Bal / Honey (2010 by Kaplanoglu), which had just won the Golden Bear at the Berlinale. The straw that broke the camel's back. He, and many alike, had enough of this "slow cinema" and its "mannerisms"!  I tracked back the awards won (top awards in bold) by films that could be considered "slowish" in the 3 major festivals (Cannes, Venice, Berlin), and I made a distinction between true "Contemplative Cinema" (CCC), and the rest. Basicaly, the main difference is using dialogues as a narrative device, or not. Truly enough, if we consider awards granted before 2010, there is in

Lumière - 1st (projected) film of history (now in 4K colour)

  ORIGINAL  L'Arrivée d'un train à La Ciotat (1896) Lumière * * * 4K COLOUR AI RESTAURATION Arrivée d'un train en gare de la Ciotat (2020) Lumière

Pedro Costa (IFFR2020)

  Masterclass Pedro Costa | IFFR 2020 (YouTube) 1h37" International Film Festival Rotterdam (25 Jan 2020)

Albert Serra x Jonathan Romney (Institut français)

  In Conversation With Albert Serra (YouTube) 52'56" FrenchInstituteUK (5 June 2023) Read also at Unspoken Cinema: Albert Serra présente Honor de Cavalleria

Men Of The Hill (2020) Wanyonyi - Kenyan CCC

  Men Of The Hill (2020/Emmanuel S. Wanyonyi/Kenya)  Read also the filmmaker's own thesis on this film : Slow Cinema: narrative, minimalism and indeterminacy in Kenyan cinema  [PDF] Emmanuel S. Wanyonyi, 2022 / SOUTH AFRICA