Benoit ROUILLY (alias HarryTuttle) is a film critic, blogger, photographer, motion designer, graphist, lapsed architect, from France. He's led the blog Unspoken Cinema, on Contemporary Contemplative Cinema (or CCC) since 2006 (and the blog Screenville since 2005).

The Unspoken Cinema blog was inaugurated as a collective blog in order to gather various posts and links on "Boring Art Films" or "Contemplative Cinema". The first team event was the January 2007 blogathon, renewed the following year with the January 2008 blogathon. Blogathons used to be a festive meeting of bloggers writing for the occasion on a similar subject.
After the collective events, the blog evolved toward a personal blog, where my nom de plume HarryTuttle was the only author. In 2017, I came back after a 3 years hiatus, under my real name, still writing on Contemplative Cinema, in French and English. I also collect film information and list books, articles and theses written on this theme for researchers in the domain in the hope to spread the love and discernement for this unique, misunderstood, unspoken cinema.

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