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CCC 2010-2019 Decade Top10

This blog about Contemporary Contemplative Cinema is 14 years old in 2020, and cinema still gives us more contemplative films every year. (See Recommended CCC ). If anything this narrative mode is getting bigger and wider. LEt's see what the CCC masters will show us for the new decade to come... So here is my Top10 of the past decade 2010-2019 : The Turin Horse  (2011/Béla TARR & Agnès HRANITZKY) Uncle Boonmee...  (2010/WEERASETHAKUL) Three Sisters  (2012/WANG Bing) A Pigeon Sat On A Branch...  (2014/ANDERSSON)  No Home Movie  (2015/AKERMAN) Leviathan  (2012/PARAVEL/CASTAING-TAYLOR) An Elephant Sitting Still  (2018/HU Bo) Le Quattro Volte  (2010/FRAMMARTINO) Inland Sea  (2018/SODA) Under The Skin  (2013/GLAZER) If you're still reading this blog, if you're still watching CCC, what are your personal Top of the decade, please leave a comment. Related : My CCC Top10 Canon (2012) CCC 20012010 (2011)