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Mogari no mori (Kawase)

La forêt de Mogari / Mogari no mori (2007/Kawaze Naomi/Japon) 1h33' VOST français [OFFLINE trop tard] Grand Prix du jury, Cannes 2007 * * * Naomi Kawase: "Dans tous les aspects du travail, on donne la primauté à la rapidité. Mais nos ancêtres, avec cette faculté à attendre, n’avaient-ils pas au bout du compte un meilleur sens des priorités que nous aujourd’hui ?" Hanezu no tsuki (2011/Kawase/Japan) Compétition officielle, Cannes 2011 Entretien avec Kawase Naomi , 18 mai 2011 (Cannes) 14'37" Conférence de presse , 18 mai 2011 (Cannes) 45'20"

Le quattro volte (English critics)

So what do we learn from an anglophone review of Frammartino's Le quattro volte ? Acquarello plays out cosmic inter-connectedness, Davies gives a plot run down, Pipolo spotlights the ants, Scott wants to emphasize "complexity", Hoberman finds it wiggy, and Bordwell believes there is suspense. The attention to form is lacking or clearly mistaken, confusing minimalism with classic dramatic devices and rhetoric. In this case, Frammartino's long and rich press-kit [ PDF ] certainly helped these guys to features some interesting pre-packaged ideas, otherwise it would have been as bland and empty as their reviews of Alamar ... And these are the positive reviews admiring the film. And the film only came out on one screen (Film Forum, not even a regular commercial theatre) in NYC... and nobody even cared to mention this outrageous injustice! What are critics good for nowadays? Michelangelo Frammartino's name is as long as Apichatpong Weerasethakul, yet these critics n