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3 Convergences

3 Godfathers (John Ford, 1948) Freedom (Sharunas Bartas, 2000) Birdsong (Albert Serra, 2008) --- Inspired by this . (Hat tip to Vinyl is Heavy for the concept.)

Le cinéma de l'immobilité - Ludovic Cortade

« Le cinéma de l'immobilité » / Motionless Movies : Style, Politics, Reception published in French by Publications de la Sorbonne, Paris, December 2008. by Ludovic Cortade (Assistant Professor of French at New York University) Abstract in English by the author : Taking as its starting point Christian Metz’s assertion that the “reality effect” is intimately linked to the “real presence of motion” in the image, this book examines the links between the impression of immobility in the cinema from three perspectives: aesthetics (sound; the fixedness of the frame; of the actors; the still; the filming of photographs) ; the apparatus (the immobility of the spectator in the theater); reception (examining the notion of “kinetic context”). The first part outlines four aesthetic categories for considering this sense of immobility that contributes to the spectator’s suspension of disbelief. Firstly, fixing designates the suspension of movement caused by an emotional climax (the final still in

LINKS :: Sharunas BARTAS

Sharunas BARTAS Šarūnas Bartas (born 16 August 1964, Lithuania) = 44 yold in 2009 10 films / 9 screenplays (1st film: 1986/latest film: 2010) INSPIRED BY : Andrei Tarkovsky, Katerina Golubeva, Aleksendr Sokurov, Tarr Béla, Léos Carax? C.C.C. films ( strict model in red ) : Indigène d'Eurasie (2010), Seven Invisible Men (2005); Children Lose Nothing (2004); Freedom (2000); A Casa (1997); Few of Us (1996); Koridorius (1994); Trys dienos (1991); In Memory of the Day Passed By (1990); Tofolaria (1986) INFLUENCE ON : Steve McQueen, Audrius Stonys? Quick scroll : BIBLIOGRAPHY | BOOK | ONLINE ARTICLES | INTERVIEW | WEBSITES | DOCUMENTARY Indigène d'Eurasie  / Eastern Drift  (2010) 111' -   IMDb  Berlinale 2010  Berlinale 2010, section Forum | press kit PDF  [GERMAN] [ENGLISH]  " Le gros plan par Sharunas Bartas " interview by Thomas Schwoerer (Arte, Feb 2010) video 3'28" [FRENCH] [ GERMAN ]   " Indigène d'Eurasie : la course épe

Images that Cannot be Banned

Images that Cannot be Banned – New Cinema in China from 1995 By Jia Zhangke One day in 2001, the Beijing Evening News carried a news item: a pirate DVD dealer was caught in the office of the Literature Department in the Beijing Film Academy. This man came regularly to sell DVDs to the staff and students of the Academy, and was subsequently reported by the students who felt strongly about copyright. The Literature Department was implicated as it happened on their premises. But the unofficial version was much more dramatic: it was claimed that the informers were not students but the fact that it took place in the reputed Beijing Film Academy enhanced its absurdity. This pirate DVD dealer was more like a direct seller and his ‘rags to riches’ story, as circulated among the students, was like the plot of an edification film. In 1999, when DVD was becoming popular in China, this dealer came to Beijing from another province. He started his business by coming to the Academy every day with a b