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Nasumice / Adrift (2018) Caleb BURDEAU

  NASUMICE (2018/Caleb BURDEAU) OPENING SEQUENCE « We’ve changed ? Hardly, not significantly. The World has changed. I’ve stayed the same : I live in constant change and I know all about you, all that can be known, all but your address, the city you live in, your children, the langage you fill out forms in, where you go in the morning and who you come back to in the evening, that I don’t know but I can guess (I can see it all with frightening clairvoyance). We have not changed. You live unchanged, a witness to changes. And you know almost all about me, all that you need to know. And those of us who didn’t make it ? But how can we talk at all about what they’ve changed into ? It is the world that changed by not being around, we have stayed the same. Far from each other, obsessed with the same world. Small as we are, insignificant. » Poem by Saša Skenderija ( Common Places, 2011) Bosnian-American poet THE CHANCE ENCOUNTER It all started on the 14th of February 1


  Nasumice  (2018) follows around Italy one Bosniac refugee, Elvis, who works as a tourist photographer. He wanders through the streets and meets a strange character, Rodolpho, who invites him home. The TV news report on the siege of Sarajevo. In the wonderful landscape of rural Southern Italy, the two road buddies will share a piece of an existential journey. Nasumice is a minimalist film with sparse music and small dialogues, about the social alienation of two lonely grown men. They just travel throughout some ancestral places made of stones in a barren environement. « Caleb was born in Seattle, USA, to an Irish-American father and a New Zealand mother. After moving to Alaska with his family when he was six weeks old, Caleb grew up traveling continuously between the northern and southern hemispheres, finally settling in Italy with his father and two brothers when he was 15. Before turning to film making in 2009, Caleb had worked as a motorcycle courier, a printer, a photographer,

What is Slow Cinema? (Francesco Quario)

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KIM Ki-duk (1960-2020)

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