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Kiarostami interview on YT

Tip via Dave McDougall Excerpt from an interview with Abbas Kiarostami from the Taste of Cherry DVD (Criterion?), date unknown (if anybody has any info please share)

Béla Tarr 2008 interview on French radio

Radio interview by Laure Adler on France Culture (09-24-2008) 45' [FRENCH-ENGLISH] [My translation] Laure ADLER : [..] Staying with poetry, meditation and the importance granted to the flow of time, we propose you to listen to the Hungarian filmmaker Béla Tarr on the occasion of the release of his film, based on a Georges Simenon adaptation, L'homme de Londres (1933). Béla Tarr, thank you very much to be here with us tonight. The Man From London (2007), which premièred at the Cannes festival two years ago, is finally released on French screens now, and it's the occasion for our radio program to try and understand your universe. Firstly, I would like to know if you went to the movies very young? TARR Béla : Yes, often times. When I was a kid I liked to go to the movies. But I have to say, I don't anymore now. ADLER : Why? Because you're busy doing your own films? TARR : No. Because often I have the feeling that the audience laugh while I want to cry.