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Like A Sloth

True Facts About Sloths   4 Jan 2013 (ZeFrank1) 2'20" Related: Live in the Moment : Make a 10min pause for a change Ready, Steady, Slow!  /  Theatrical Ad (ironic) Slow films, easy life (Nick James) / Slowish Obsession, ter

Regular Days (EIKAWA Yuki)

'Regular Days' in Minamata, Ashikita [水俣・芦北/熊本] EIKAWA Yuki (17 January 2013) 14'15" A documentary for Intergovernmental negotiating committee to prepare a global legally binding instrument on mercury (Fifth session) in Geneva, 13-18 January 2013. Related : Flâneries urbaines sans parole   con-Quest web magazine  /  World-Cruise 2010  /  World Cruise 2011 (EIKAWA Yuki) /  thoughts for Japan La pêche aux thons de Stromboli (Roelens)

Live in the Moment : Make a 10min pause for a change

Andy Puddicombe: All it takes is 10 mindful minutes TEDsalon London Nov 2012 - 9'24" When is the last time you did absolutely nothing for 10 whole minutes? Not texting, talking or even thinking? Mindfulness expert Andy Puddicombe describes the transformative power of doing just that: Refreshing your mind for 10 minutes a day, simply by being mindful and experiencing the present moment. (No need for incense or sitting in strange positions.) Related : Do nothing for 2 min  /  10 min of Life at the Time  /  A Slow Year (conceptual videogame)   Enso (Zen Circle) La révolution du silence (Krishnamurti)

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