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Slow Film Festival

Recently on the Film-Philosophy salon ( newsletter , subscription required), Alan Fair from the UK suggested a slow film festival which relates pretty well with the topic of our blog : Hi all, I wonder sometimes if Sokurov is trying this single shot in revolt against the fragmentation of time and space implicit in what Bordwell has called, if I remember rightly, intensified continuity. Bresson, Tarkovsky, Davies, Sokurov and maybe even Antonioni and Ozu might all be examples of what we might call slow cinema, although I imagine some would argue this point. I was suggestingto some students that we should stage a 'slow film festival' a bit like the Italian 'slow food' movement. They, of course, made the point that no one would turn up. Still it seems to me that this exploration of the cinematic image and the indexical, as mentioned by William, I think, is one that we should champion whenever possible. peace A. Fair IDS Follow up discussion (I hope it's ok to repu