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Interview with Sabrina Moreno (Azur el mar)

  THE BEGINNING Unspoken Cinema : What first film did you see that sparked an impulse to make films yourself ? When was it ? How did it happen ? How did you choose cinema ? Sabrina Moreno : Since I was a child I was very imaginative and was making stories all the time. My father said I lived in a fantasy bubble. And I remember when I was 15 years old, I saw Natural born killers , then I knew there was a wild world I had no idea about. It was shoking but at the same time it had something that sparked in myself. I understood cinema will make me travel out of my boring village where I lived at the time. I continued writing stories and I began theater. So when I turned 18 and I had to choose a carrer, I thought to try cinema. But I didn’t know how it would be. After the first week studying cinema I knew I was right and I felt fortunate. UC : Who are your cinematographic inspirations, your film references ? SM : I had several inspirations at different times of my life, but one bre

Orders of Time and Motion (Kevin B. Lee) Satantango

  Orders of Time and Motion (video essay by Kevin B. Lee, october 2020) 19'20" on Béla TARR's Satantango (1994)