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Single Belief (Lee Kang-sheng)

  The Glenlivet - Single Belief (YouTube) 15'49" (Lee Kang-sheng) 2016

Beyond the Canon (TSPDT)

The They Shoot Pictures Don't They? website decided to go beyond the 2022 Sight&Sound poll for Greatest Films of All Time  by polling cinema critics and cinephiles for the greatest films NOT cited in the aforementionned poll. Great films not appearing on any ballot. So I joined the "Beyond the Sight & Sound Canon" project and contributed my take (with 99 entries on my ballot) for this new alternative canon.  Here is my ballot ranked alphabetically : TITLE DIRECTOR A Few Days in the Life of I.I. Oblomov MIKHALKOV A Humble Life SOKUROV After The Rehearsal BERGMAN Alamar GONZALEZ-RUBIO Alexandra SOKUROV Alice Jan SVANKMAJER Angel's Egg Mamoru OSHII Arizona Dream Emir KUSTURICA Ashik Kerib PARAJANOV Bernie Albert DUPONTEL Birdsong Albert SERRA Black Peter Milos FORMAN Buena Vista Social Club Wim WENDERS Burnt By The Sun MIKHALKOV Ce répondeur ne prend pas de messages Alain CAVALIER Ceux d'en face Jean-Daniel POLLET Clean, Shaven Lodge KERRIGAN Cul-de-sac Roma

The Beauty of Slow Movies (Aljoša Toplak)

  The Beauty of Slow Movies   (YouTube) 10'03" (Aljoša Toplak) 11 March 2024