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Venice Film Festival 2021

Contemplative films at the 2021 MOSTRA :  COMPETITION Michelangelo Frammartino (Italy), Il Buco Michel Franco (Mexico), Sundown OUT OF COMPETITION Tsai Ming-liang (Taiwan), The Night (Short 19') And a lot of newcomers, so maybe more...

Sommaire 2014

 CITATIONS I always Liked It Slow (Leonard Cohen) Pour un cinéma contemporain soustractif (Antony Fiant) EVENT WANG Bing & Jaime ROSALES en correspondance (Centre Pompidou, Paris, 2014) VIDEO CLIPS Tokyo Reverse (Slow TV) CONTEMPLATIVE FILM Minuscule, la vallée des fourmis perdues   Yearly Tables of Content / Sommaire général annuel  

Sommaire 2017

 FILM REVIEWS Angel's Egg (1985/Oshii) Makala (2017/Emmanuel Gras) VIDEO CLIPS (Ap)prendre le temps ? Il faut savourer l'ennui (France Culture) Desert Films (Gala Hernandez) Béla Tarr & Agnès Hranitzky (videos) INTERVIEWS WANG Bing (France Culture 2017)  LINKS Scholarly Contemplative Cinema NYT's 25 Best Movies of the 21st Century Fireflies The Art(s) of Slow Cinema CITATIONS Contemplative Spectatorship (Zen) Teaching Jeanne Dielman (The Cine-files) OTHER HarryTuttle is back Yearly Tables of Content / Sommaire général annuel