10 min of Life at the time

10 Minutes of Your Life. Art in motion.
All videos here are 10 minutes or longer. Your choice to watch the whole thing or just part of it. Although you might miss something or NOT. Most of the videos are filmed from a tripod. Videos are in real time. Audios are in real time. All natural sounds. No artificial sounds added. It's like you're sitting on the bench outside, smoking weed, enjoying nature. Most of the videos are unedited from beginning to end.
I'll try to avoid people on all videos. You might hear people yucking on the phone in the background.
Read the movie title before watching it. If you watch it and don't like it, don't get mad. It says in the title exactly what you're going to see. Read the description too.
I might put up a video you might remember for the rest of your life, or NOT.
P.S. Please STOP downloading my videos and reupload it with time lapse, please use your own.

Stationary point of view. 10 minutes of uncut reality unfolding in real time. Patient attention to mundane details of our daily environment. Anybody can be James Benning. ;)
There are people who think that watching paint dry (or a lake) is boring. And artists who are able to extract a slice of life from reality and exhibit it as an aesthetic statement (not to mention the scientific/behaviourist documentation).

I don't know if the owner of this channel does this ironically or believes in Art... but if it was the early 70ies, these videos could easily be major pieces in the conceptual videoart movement (today it's all a bit déjà-vu unfortunately). The subjects elected aren't totally random or tongue-in-cheek (like the paint drying, the clock or the dripping faucet)... most of them contain a specific interest and a conceptual value to contemplate that scene for a duration.
Forget about what you SEE, and take this moment to reflect upon the weight of Time.

Selected playlist from the YouTube channel 10minutesofyourlife :

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