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Sharunas BARTAS Šarūnas Bartas (born 16 August 1964, Lithuania) = 44 yold in 2009
10 films / 9 screenplays (1st film: 1986/latest film: 2010)
INSPIRED BY : Andrei Tarkovsky, Katerina Golubeva, Aleksendr Sokurov, Tarr Béla, Léos Carax?
C.C.C. films (strict model in
red) : Indigène d'Eurasie (2010), Seven Invisible Men (2005); Children Lose Nothing (2004); Freedom (2000); A Casa (1997); Few of Us (1996); Koridorius (1994); Trys dienos (1991); In Memory of the Day Passed By (1990); Tofolaria (1986)
INFLUENCE ON : Steve McQueen, Audrius Stonys?

Indigène d'Eurasie / Eastern Drift (2010) 111' - IMDb Berlinale 2010 

Seven Invisible Men (2005) IMDb
Children Lose Nothing (2004) (segment in Visions of Europe) IMDb
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Freedom (2000) IMDb
A Casa / The House (1997) IMDb
  • Review By: Serge Kaganski & F. Bonn (Les Inrockuptibles, #120, 30 Nov 1996) [FRENCH]
  • "AbracadaBartas" By: Didier Péron (Libération, 16 mai 1997) [FRENCH]
  • "La cinémathèque de Babel. A propos de The House de Sharunas Bartas" By: Jérôme Lauté (revue Eclipses, 1998) [FRENCH]
  • "Verdwaalde passanten in een verveloos huis" By: Petra van der Ree (Filmkrant, #196, Jan 1999) [DUTCH]
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Few of Us (1996) IMDb
  • Press kit, excerpt from Le Monde (JM Frodon, 9 Sept 1996), Positif #425/426 (Noël Herpe, july/Aug 1996), Cahiers #505 (Thierry Lounas, Sept 1996), Le Courrier Art et Essai #51 (15 Sept 1996) PDF [FRENCH]
  • Review By: Vincent Ostria (Les Inrockuptibles, 18 Sept 1996) [FRENCH]
  • "Résistance de la beauté et beauté de la résistance : a propos de Few of us de Sharunas Bartas" By: Jérôme Lauté (revue Eclipses, #19-20, 1st Jan 1997, p. 25-34) [FRENCH]
  • Review By: acquarello (Strictly Film School, 11 Jan 2005)
  • "Zij die dichtbij lijken zijn het verst" By: Petra van der Ree (Filmkrant, #181, Sept 1997) [DUTCH]
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Koridorius / The Corridor (1994) IMDb
  • "De quoi sommes-nous la somme?" By: Leos Carax (Festival de Tours,, 1995) [FRENCH] on Corridor & Three Days
  • "Les terres inconnues de Sharunas Bartas" By: Jean Roy (L'Humanité, 25 Oct 1995) [FRENCH] on Corridor & Three Days
  • Review By: Serge Kaganski (Les Inrockuptibles, #28, 30 Nov 1994) [FRENCH] on Corridor & Three Days
  • "Empathie" By: Jérôme Lauté (Revue Eclipses n° 28, 1999, pp 34-37, 34 p.) [FRENCH]
  • "Une intériorité dévorante. Le Corridor de Sharunas Bartas visité par la peinture de Vilhelm Hammershøi" By: Jérôme Lauté (revue Eclipses, #31, 2000) [FRENCH]
  • Review By: acquarello (Strictly Film School, 13 Jan 2005)
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Trys dienos / Three Days (1991) IMDb
Praejusios dienos atminimui / In Memory of the Day Passed By (1990) DOC IMDb
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Tofolaria (1986) DOC IMDb
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  • Laura Sinagra, "Sharunas Bartas", Exile Cinema (ed. Michael Atkinson), New York: SUNY UP, 2008, pp 87-92.
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BOOK on Sharunas BARTAS
  • Tony Pipolo, Six films by Sarunas Bartas, Anthology Film Archives, New York, 2003, 12p
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  • "Lithuania" By: Sharunas BARTAS [LITHUANIAN] [FRENCH]
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Great stuff, Harry! The only substantial piece on Bartas that I've come across in English is Laura Sinagra's excellent overview essay in Exile Cinema (ed. Michael Atkinson, SUNY UP, 2008, pp 87-92). I've added it to the list above.

I like Bartas' films very much, particularly Three Days, The Corridor, Few of Us & Freedom. He's more of a narrative minimalist than a durational/long take "contemplative" filmmaker, but is certainly an integral part of the tradition...
HarryTuttle said…
Thanks for the help Matthew.
I've seen only Few of Us and 7 Invisible Men and he uses quite long takes (especially in the former). Though he's not the kind who uses up the full reel of filmstock like Tarr does.
I was wondering what he was up too lately. I'm glad to find out he's got a porject under production (after an earlier one aborted). So I'm looking forward to the release of his new film.
Looking through my notes, the number of shots in 4 of the features are as follows:

Three Days: 219 (ASL 20.9)
The Corridor: 177 (ASL 27.9)
Few of Us: 148 (ASL 38.5 [I think - not sure whether my source is PAL or not])
Freedom: 169 (ASL 32.9)

Haven't done ASLs for the other 3 films yet. I remember there being little discernable pattern to the juxtaposition of "short" & long takes in the first 2 features, but Few of Us and Freedom (as you say) do consist of more uniformly lengthier takes. I think he's more concerned with stillness and distance (long shots of figures & landscapes vs. close-ups of the face) than duration, though. There's a shot in Freedom of the three protagonists trudging across sand into the distance that makes me think of the Magi's (notorious) 9-minute trek in Birdsong, but it's probably only held for a quarter of the time!

I don't think Seven Invisible Men was particularly well received on release, so perhaps that explains the recent inactivity. I hope his new project is going well!

Just remembered Tony McKibbin's relevant article from Senses of Cinema - will link above...
junior said…
thanks for the information.
nicoremo said…
French director Guillaume Coudray has made a fascinating documentary film about his experience with Sarunas Bartas, it was premiered in Vilnius in March and got excellent critics, lets hope it will be screened in many other festivals.
nicoremo said…
Also: in the Lithuanian press, it was announced that Guillaume Coudray has made three additional short films about Bartas, to complement the DVD publication of three of the best films of Bartas, to be released soon in France and Lithuania (Few of Us, The House, Seven Invisible Men). So it might mean that the film of Coudray will also be released on DVD, lets hope so.
Thanks for the info, nicoremo! The doc sounds v. interesting, and I'm pleased to hear of more Bartas emerging on DVD. Do you know who is releasing them?
HarryTuttle said…
Why did you unsubscribe without telling?
nicoremo said…
Hi Matthew and Harry, the features of Bartas and the documentary by Coudray will be released by French company Films du Paradoxe.
I'm not sure if it will be available in English, though, Paradoxe's site doesnt say.
Thanks, nicoremo. Lack of English subs won't really be a problem for these, and I hope the transfer of Few of Us (in particular) will improve upon what is already circulating.
jacklint said…
I just got these 4 discs from Films du Paradoxe. The documentary has English subs but the 3 films don't. This is no problem for The House and Few of Us but Seven Invisible Men seems to have a lot more dialog. I've only skimmed through them so far but they all look great.
Thanks for the heads up, jacklint. Could you e-mail me (via profile)? I'd love to get my hands on copies - perhaps we could work out an exchange...