CCC auteurs directory

CCC figureheads by age (in 2008) :
  • Raya MARTIN (born 1984/first film:2005/last film:2008) = 23 years old / 2 CCC [links]
  • Albert SERRA (born 1975/1st:2006/last:2008) = 32 yold / 2 CCC [links]
  • Lisandro ALONSO (born 1975/1st:2001/last:2008) = 32 yold / 3 CCC [links]
  • Carlos REYGADAS (born 1971/1st:1999/last:2007) = 36 yold / 3 CCC [links]
  • JIA Zhang-ke (born 1970/1st:1995/last:2008) = 37 yold / 4? CCC [links]
  • Apichatpong WEERASETHAKUL (born 16 July 1970/1st:1993/last:2007) = 37 yold / 11 CCC [Links]
  • KAWASE Naomi (born 30 May 1969/1st:1992/last:2008) = 38 yold / 3 CCC
  • WANG Bing (born 1966/1st:2003/last:2010) = 41 yold / 2 CCC
  • Sharunas BARTAS (born 16 August 1964/1st:1986/last:2005) = 43 yold / 5? CCC [links]
  • Semih KAPLANOGLU (born 1963/1st: 2001/last:2010) = 44 yold / 3 CCC [links]
  • KORE-EDA Hirokazu (born 1962/1st:1991/last:2008) = 45 yold / 3 CCC
  • Pedro COSTA (born 3 March 1959/1st:1984/last:2007) = 48 yold / 4? CCC [links]
  • Nuri Bilge CEYLAN (born 1959/1st:1995/last:2008) = 48 yold / 3 CCC
  • Darejan OMIRBAEV (born 15 March 1958/1st:1982/last:2007) = 49 yold / 3? CCC
  • Bruno DUMONT (born 1958/1st:1997/last:2006) = 49 yold / 2 CCC
  • Lav DIAZ (born 1958/1st:1998/last:2007) = 49 yold / 3? CCC [links]
  • TSAI Ming-liang (born 27 October 1957/1st:1989/last:2009) = 51 yold / 9 CCC [links]
  • Aktan ABDYKALKOV (born 1957/1st:1992/last:2007) = 50 yold / 2 CCC
  • TARR Béla (born 21 July 1955/1st:1978/last:2011) = 52 yold / 4 CCC [links]
  • Gus Van SANT (born 24 July 1952/1st:1982/last:2008) = 54 yold / 4 CCC
  • Aleksandr SOKUROV (born 14 June 1951/1st:1974/last:2007) = 56 yold / 12 CCC [links]
  • Chantal AKERMAN (born 6 June 1950/1st:1968/last:2007) = 57 yold / 6? CCC
  • HOU Hsiao-hsien (born 8 April 1947/1st:1980/last:2007) = 60 yold / 5 CCC
  • Roy ANDERSSON (born 31 March 1943/1st:1967/last:2007) = 64 yold / 3? CCC
  • James BENNING (born 1942/1st:1971/last:2007) = 65 yold / 6? CCC [links]
  • Abbas KIAROSTAMI (born 22 June 1940/1st:1970/last:2009) = 67 yold / 12 CCC
  • Franco PIAVOLI (born 31 June 1933/1st:1981/last 2002) = 79 yold / 3 CCC 

CCC auteurs (working today) by Country (consistent Strict Model in red) :
  • Argentina (7) : Lisandro ALONSO, Lucrecia MARTEL, Pablo TRAPERO, Carlos SORIN, Santagio OTHEGUY, Pablo GIORGELLI, Júlia MURAT
  • Austria (4) : Nikolaus GEYRHALTER, Jessica HAUSNER, Ruth MADER, Ulrich SEIDL
  • Belgium (1) : Chantal AKERMAN,
  • Canada (2) : Michel BRAULT, Denis CÔTÉ 
  • Chad (1) : Mahamat Saleh HAROUN 
  • China (7) : JIA Zhang-ke, WANG Bing, WANG Chao, ZHANG Lu, ZHANG Yuedong, LI HongQi, LIU Jia Yin
  • Finland (1) : Aki KAURISMAKI
  • France (11) : Alain CAVALIER, DELEPINE & KERVERN, Claire DENIS, Raymond DEPARDON, Bruno DUMONT, Philippe GRANDRIEUX, Ariane MICHEL, Nicolas KLOTZ, Isild LE BESCO, Jacques PERRIN, Véréna PARAVEL
  • Germany (8) : Thomas ARSLAN, Valeska GRISEBACH, Philip GRÖNING, Romuald KARMAKAR, Fred KELEMEN, Ulrich KÖHLER, Angela SCHANELEC, Maria SPETH
  • Greece (1) : Theos ANGELOPOULOS
  • Hong-Kong (1) : Christopher DOYLE,
  • Hungary (4) : TARR Béla, PALFI György, FLIEGAUF Benedek, MUNDRUCZO Kornél
  • India (1) : Gavindan ARAVINDAN
  • Iran (7) : Abbas KIAROSTAMI, Hana MAKHMALBAF, Mohsen MAKHMALBAF, Samira MAKHMALBAF, Jafar PANAHI, Rafi PITTS, Sohrab Shahid SALESS
  • Italy (2) : Michelangelo FRAMMARTINO, Franco PIAVOLI 
  • Japan (5) : AOYAMA Shinji, ICHIKAWA Jun, KAWASE Naomi, KITANO Takeshi, KORE-EDA Hirokazu, EIKAWA Yuki
  • Kazakhstan (1) : Darejan OMIRBAEV,
  • Kirghizistan (2) : Aktan ABDYKALKOV, Marat SARULU,
  • Lithuania (1) : Sharunas BARTAS
  • Malaysia (2) : James LEE, Azharr RUDIN
  • Mali (1) : Abderrahmane SISSAKO
  • Mexico (3) : Carlos REYGADAS, Amat ESCALANTE, Nicolás PEREDA
  • Palestine (1) : Elia SULEIMAN
  • Paraguay (1) : Paz ENCINA,
  • Philippines (4) : Lav DIAZ, Raya MARTIN, Sherad Anthony SANCHEZ, John TORRES,
  • Poland (1) : Lech MAJEWSKY
  • Portugal (1) : Pedro COSTA,
  • Russia (4) : Alexandr SOKUROV, Andrei ZVYAGINTSEV, Pavel LUNGIN, Sergei LOZNITSA
  • South Korea (2) : KIM Ki-duk, JEON Soo-il
  • Spain (3) : Albert SERRA, José Luis GUERÍN, Marc RECHA
  • Sri Lanka (1) :  Vimukthi JAYASUNDARA 
  • Sweden (1) : Roy ANDERSSON,
  • Taiwan (4) : HOU Hsiao-hsien, TSAI Ming-liang, LEE Kang-sheng, Edward YANG
  • Thailand (3) : Pen-ek RATANARUANG, Apichatpong WEERASETHAKUL, Tossapol BOONSINSUKH
  • Turkey (2) : Nuri Bilge CEYLAN, Semih KAPLANOGLU
  • UK (2) : Tacita DEAN, Bill DOUGLAS
  • USA (11) : Matthew BARNEY, James BENNING, Nathaniel DORSKY, Vincent GALLO,  Nina MENKES, Godfrey REGGIO, Gus VAN SANT, Jon JOST, Bruce BAILLIE, Sharon LOCKHART, Peter HUTTON, Lucien CASTAIN-TAYLOR
[EDIT : updated 15 Oct 2012]


Anonymous said…
I would add Ulrich Seidl in the Austria section: I think that Dog Days (Hundstage) and Import/Export are more in the vein of contemplative cinema than, for instance, Haneke's work.
Anonymous said…
And also Jafar Panahi in Iran. - Just making suggestions.
HarryTuttle said…
Good remarks, thanks.
I don't know Ulrich Seidl yet so I'm going to have to trust you on that until I get to see his films.
Haneke doesn't make only CCC films of course! I'm thinking of The Seventh Continent and Benny's video for instance.

Same problem with Akerman, Claire Denis, Wong Kar-wai, Kitano, Kiarostami... they also use traditional/mainstream narration. But they did make one or more films with hardcore CCC principles.
That's why I try to distinguish them with the "strict model". The ones in red color are usually making CCC films consistently, so their entire oeuvre can become referential to determine that "Contemplative" trend.

I'll add Panahi too.

Keep the suggestions coming! It's supposed to be a collective work. :)
Anonymous said…
Groning and Grisebach are rather odd joices for Germany. The only name that is a sure fit would be Angela Schanelec (Marseille, Nachmittag). Others that come to mind include Thomas Arslan, Maria Speth and Ulrich Köhler.
HarryTuttle said…
Philip Gröning is cited for his silent documentary Into Great Silence (which is strictly contemplative without any trace of plot or action-drive), though I admit I haven't seen any other films of his, so it might be a one-shot. But this film alone is definitely characteristic of the trend.

Valeska Grisebach is cited for Sehnsucht/Longing (which is not entirely silent, or plotless, but is extremely minimalist for a rather classic "love triangle" melo. I haven't seen her other film either.

Do you think these two films don't fit in?

I always forget about Angela Schanelec because I didn't see any of her film yet. But Marina already recommended it and her films are on the chronological list.

I don't know about the others you cite, so I'll add them for you if you think they belong.
Anonymous said…
No, Gröning and Grisebach are ok. I was only a little bit surprised, because they are not the most obvious choices. Köhler is alot like Grisebach, only more so (in terms of minimalism, especially Windows on Monday), Maria Speths Madonnas is maybe even more radical.
Thomas Arslan is one of the best filmmakers in Germany, maybe more a structuralist than a minimalist, but his documentary Aus der Ferne is an excellent example of contemplative cinema.
To add one more Name: Romuald Karmakar, if only for his great one-man-facts-only-documentaries The Himmler Project and Hamburg Lectures.
HarryTuttle said…
Thanks for the details. I'll try to track down these films now.
You're welcome to post an article on these films or to leave a link if you've reviewed them already. I'd like to read more informations on these.
I've added your suggestions to our big chronology listing
Anonymous said…
English is not my native tongue and I don't think I could write something profound on any of these films in any other language than german, but maybe someday I'll try anyway...
HarryTuttle said…
I hope you will indeed. But actually there is no reason why you couldn't post an article in german here.
I just wish someone else would corroborate your suggestion first, since you're anonymous and nobody else here said to have seen these films.

did you see any Fred Kelemen film? They have been recommended for CCC too.
Anonymous said…
At risk of seeming self-something, may I suggest you might add to your list both myself, Jon Jost, and the following films of mine inside your
"contemplative" films listing:

and probably it would make sense to include ROMA - un ritratto improvvisorio

For further information you might check
HarryTuttle said…
You're most welcome Jon, thanks for joining in. Where can we have a look at your films?
Your bio says you've been all over the world... Now under which country should I list you?
HarryTuttle said…
OK I listed you under USA, let me know if you want it changed.
USA is OK, though I doubt I will be living there anytime soon. I do have a trip for screenings coming up in autumn: Lincoln Ne Oct 17 to show PARABLE (newest film, very weird narrative); a lecture at Rowan Univ. Glassboro NJ 22; Lincoln Arts Film Soc., NYC Oct 24, screening OUI NON and OVER HERE (narrative films).

The films I listed above can be obtained via, on DVD ($30 each+$3 shipping).

They all screened at various fests - Rotterdam, Munich, Jeonju and others. AT PLAY IN THE FIELDS OF THE LORD [NEBRASKA](2007, 23 mins) is showing this week at the Chicago Underground FF - it'd fit your criteria as well.
A film I recently saw at the Jeonju festival would fit: MILKY WAY by Hungarian Benedek Fliegauf.
HarryTuttle said…
So you're in Korea now? That's the epicentre of cinema nowadays.

I noticed acquarello wrote a review of OUI NON very recently.

Thanks for the recommendations. I hope I can get to see them soon.

I haven't seen anything by Benedek Fliegauf, but David Bordwell mentioned him in his piece on Béla Tarr.
HarryTuttle said…
I just saw Fliegauf's Milky Way at the Paris Festival! Thanks for the recommendation, it was really impressive indeed. I really loved it. It actually reminds more of Roy Andersson's "dead-pan humour". Although I arrived late at the screening, so I'm not sure if I missed a scene... how many plan-sequence is there? The first I saw was the one with the boat on the lake and the woman with the pram on the pier. And I counted 8 in total. I hope someone can tell me if I missed anything.
Anonymous said…
thnaks for including me in your list, but howcome i dont get to be highlighted in RED? well, always something to complain about....


Anonymous said…
u can find me at
HarryTuttle said…
Hi Nina,
thanks for visiting us. Sorry about the approximate color code, it's only a rough indicator for this undefined "contemplative" trend. It has no definite or categorical significance, and I'm updating it along the way. We have so many films listed on this blog that I tried to pick a handful of auteurs most representative of all the characteristics.

I just added Raya Martin and Albert Serra after watching their latest film.

I didn't get the chance to watch any of your films so far, but they have been recommended by others. So I couldn't tell personally how contemplative they are.
If you tell me they correspond to the (arbitrary) profile (plotless, wordless, slowness, alienation) I give you the red paint.

Thanks for updating our database.
If you would like to participate, maybe some of our members who have seen your films could get in touch with you, for an interview, or a portrait that we could publish here.
And I hope I can catch your films very soon.
Anonymous said…
Hi - I came by your blog trying to find out if Fliegauf's Milky Way has been released on DVD. I saw it Sep 07 in Athens. You missed the first scene - break of dawn, image of a windmill (wind power kind) rotating for some time, then a tent installed on the slope of a hill, someone goes out for the morning toilet, s/he comes towards us, at some point a strong wind begins to blow, the tent in the background is about to be swept away, someone else comes out from there in panic, our (wo)man goes back, trying to help...I don't remember the outcome though. So, all in all, 9 scenes.
Thanks for the great blog - will watch, from now on!
HarryTuttle said…
Hi dudu, thanks for the help.
Please do come back.
Anonymous said…
heyho, have you not seen anything from Malaysia?
HarryTuttle said…
What films are you thinking of? Please share.
is it lodge kerrigan or ledge kerrigan?
HarryTuttle said…
Thanks for the correction.
Anonymous said…
Many thanks for your very informative blog.
But what`s about connection between CCC and New Romanian Wave? I think the latest new-romanian works (such as Porumboiu`s Police, Adjective and Puiu`s Aurora) can be really described as examples of CCC.
And I agree with previous "Anonymous" that you could add to the list members of so-called Berlin School (Petzold, Arslan, Schanelek, Hochhäusler, Köhler).