RAIN (Julie Volkmann)


RAIN A Contemplative Film by Julie Volkmann (YouTube) 14'40"
WayMaking Artist JulieV (27 Sept 2021)

This contemplative film might be referred to as an experimental film. It could just as easily be called a chance composition. Yet others would deem it a non-narrative film. My friend and fellow Goddard alum, Brenda Bowyer, conceived of a chance methodology for the creation of new art work, using a set of special die such as those used in Dungeons and Dragons. She asked me if I would like to play the chance 'game' and I didn't miss a beat in my "hell, yes!" All footage was gathered on rainy Saturday in April. This newly edited version of the film is 14 minutes long. To ensure the viewer has the 'clearest' experience of the film, I chose to reveal the six elements which guided the creation of this chance composition at the end of the film.