2023 Contemplative Cinema Canon (Greatest CCC films Top10 election)

17 years already since this blog opened with a collective blogathon (whatever happened to those? who has time for blogs anymore?) to celebrate the underexposed, little commented, the "boring" contemplative cinema booming in these years... Much has been said and published since then, both in film criticism and film academia, as for proof is the Library page at Unspoken Cinema. Contrary to the Cassandras doomsday prophecies, this kind of cinema is thriving, now more than ever, in its 50 years of existence. And since Akerman's Jeanne Dielman tops the 2022 S&S canon (for cinema in general), it seems appropriate to poll today cinephiles from around the world, lovers of Contemplative Cinema, asking them which are the greatest masterpieces, in their opinion, of what is known as "Contemplative Cinema".

 Would you like to contribute to the 2023 survey on Contemplative Cinema ?

The rules are simple : there is no rule for selection. Each voter's own perception of the definition of "Contemplative Cinema" (otherwise known as "Slow Cinema") is welcome, and will bring a variety of interpretations to the table. Historical boundaries are free for all. Votes could go to a short film, an experimental film, even an installation. The only formal limitation is a ballot of 10 titles per voter, no more, no less, unranked (you are free to rank your choices on your ballot but no title will get more points than the others), because they will be later tabulated into a collective canon for posterity.

Comments accompanying the Top10 list are welcome too, and each individual ballot will be published on this blog, starting from February 10th 2023. So please send me your votes before this deadline. Also you should add a short byline (Name, speciality, link/social media) you would like to be refered to as, to credit your list.

Feel free to extend this invitation to whoever you think would like to add a ballot to the canon.

Please send your votes and comments to my email on the Contact page.

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