HONG Sang-soo's favourite films (2017)

Hong Sang-soo shares his top10 favourite films and you'll be surprised, it's full of contemplative cinema 

  • L'Atalante (1934/Jean VIGO)
  • Barque sortant du port / Boat leaving the port (1897/Louis LUMIERE)
  • Boudu sauvé des eaux / Boudu Saved From Drawing (1942/Jean RENOIR)
  • Early Summer (1951/OZU Yasujiro)
  • Le rayon vert / The Green Ray (1986/Eric Rohmer)
  • Un condamné à mort s'est échappé / A Man Escaped (1956/Robert Bresson)
  • Nanook of the North (1922/FLAHERTY)
  • Nazarin (1959/Luis BUÑUEL)
  • Ordet (1955/DREYER)
  • Young Mister Lincoln (1939/FORD)