Wang Bing (EIFF)

Masterclass with Wang Bing
Edinburgh International Film Festival : 24 June 2012 (90 mins)
From his first film, West of the Tracks (2003), to his latest work, Wang Bing has brought rigour and compassion to the archaeology of the physical and social changes China has undergone since the Cultural Revolution. Not only a pivotal figure in Chinese documentary filmmaking, Wang is an artist whose work with time and space marks him as one of the most significant filmmakers of our time. At this masterclass, co-sponsored with the Scottish Documentary Institute, Wang will share his insights. Be sure also to see Wang’s Fengming: A Chinese Memoir, The Ditch, and Coal Money and Brutality Factory, all screening at EIFF.

Complementary screenings at EIFF :
  • Coal Money (2008/WANG Bing/France) 53'
    Brutality Factory; segment in omnibus : O Estado do Mondo (2007/WANG Bing/Portugal) 14' [video]
    [24 Jun | 13:20]
  • Fengming: A Chinese Memoir / He Fengming (2007/WANG Bing/China, Hong Kong) 186'
    [23 Jun | 13:45]
  • The Ditch (2010/WANG Bing/Hong Kong, Belgium, France) 112'
    [23 Jun | 17:15]

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