Semih KAPLANOGLU Semih Kaplanoğlu (born 1963; Izmir, Turkey) = 47 yold in 2010
5 films / 4 screenplays (1st film: 1984/latest film: 2010)
INSPIRED BY : Robert Bresson, Ozu Yasujiro, Andrei Tarkovsky, Satyajit Ray, Victor Erice, Nuri Bilge Ceylan
C.C.C. films (strict model in red) : Yumurta; Süt; Bal;

Bal / Honey (2010) IMDb - Berlinale 2010, Golden Bear
Süt / Milk (2008) IMDb - Venice 2008, FIPRESCI Prize
Yumurta / Egg (2007) IMDb - Cannes 2007, Quinzaine; Istanbul 2008, Golden Tulip
  • Official website (Kaplan) / Press kit (7 May 2007) PDF
  • "Cahier d'un retour au pays natal" By: M. M. (L'humanité; 23 May 2007) [FRENCH]
  • Dans l'intimité de l' "œuf" By: Olivier Séguret (Libération; 23 mai 2007) [FRENCH] 
  • "Semih Kaplanoğlu' s new trilogy has brought him to the limelight once again" By: Lalehan Uysal (On Air; Dec 2007)
  • "Yumurta" By: Charlotte Garson (Cahiers du cinéma; n° 633; avril 2008) [FRENCH] 
  • "Yumurta" (Les Inrockuptibles; 22 Avril 2008) [FRENCH] 
  • "Yumurta" (Libération; 23 avril 2008) [FRENCH] 
  • "Un homme se penche sur son passé" By: Jean Roy (L'Humanité; 23 avril 2008) [FRENCH] 
  • "Une démarche autobiographique nourrie de soucis documentaire" By: Jacques Mandelbaum (Le Monde; 23 avril 2008) [FRENCH] 
  • "Après la mort de la mère, parcours élégiaque vers la sérénité" By: Jean-Luc Douin (Le Monde; 23 avril 2008) [FRENCH] 
  • "Yumurta" (Télérama; 23 avril 2008) [FRENCH] 
  • "Yumurta'nın Zihinde Bıraktığı İzler - 1" By: adsoy (moroccom, 23 Aug 2010) part 1 - 2 - 3 [TURKISH]
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Melegin düsüsü / Angel's Fall (2005)
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Herkes kendi evinde / Away from home (2000)
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Asandor / Elevator (1993)
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Mobapp (1984) 14'
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HarryTuttle said…
Most links listed here come from Kaplanoglu's official producer : Kaplan film production
Thanks for the post Harry. This is essential. Looking forward to seeing HONEY...
Harry, why is it that Yumutra does not follow to the strict model? I watched it a few days ago and i can say its one of the undiscovered contemplative masterpieces from turkey to adhere to the strict model of CCC.
HarryTuttle said…
Yes, I probably need to rewatch it, because the "minimum profile" of the strict model evolved since its first release.
I think the first 2 films the Yusuf trilogy are more in the Nuri Bilge Ceylan territory. I mean, they are quiet, less speechy than most films for sure. But some key scenes do use an explicative dialogue to expose conflicts or past events, instead of solely using images.

In Bal, not only Yusuf is quasi-mute, but his parents who are perfectly able to speak, rarely use long speeches to inform the audience about dramatic tensions.