Meditation vs Contemplation

Spot the differences :
"A spectacular colorful sunset with all natural sound from the Virgin Islands: Virgin Gorda, BVI and the world famous 'THE BATHS' beach. This shot is taken from our 'Caribbean Daydreams with 6 loopable scenes' DVD"

Abbas Kiarostami on the making of Five dedicated to Ozu (2003):
"[..]The second method is simpler, but also more complex.
This is very different from the cinematic approach, which involves the cooperation of several technicians and different people with different skills.
This is a writing job and does not need a crew. One or two companions are enough.
For this way of working, you need the earth, wind and water to cooperate. You need a tail wind. You need a good wave. As backgammon players say: 'It's how the dice fall that counts.' [..]
I cannot deny the role of this hidden pattern - the role of accident - the occurence or the power of destiny, neighter in my personal life, nor in my work. There are moments in all my films that I must confess are not of my making. This is not humility. In my opinion, Five should be watched with this in mind, the entire Five. Episode 1, episode 3, and even 4.
The difference between well-crafted cinema and this is like the difference between chess and backgammon. In my opinion, chess does not allow for these undeniable powers. Everything is ruled and controlled by the gods of the scene - the producer and teh director. [..] Because really, in my opinion, if we imagine life without this parameter, we have lost some of our sense of realism.
Now, digital filmmaking helps a lot with the kind of cinema that is more about performance and related to hidden patterns. For me, who does not believe, as such, in leterary narrative in cinema, the period of making of Five was an opportunity for me to be the audience. During this time I could tell my personal story as if I was the audience. In my opinion, sitting in a cinema has accustomed the audience to a mental laziness. Every member of the audience in their daily life, and in every situation, can understand the simple, or sometimes complicated occurrences around them. Curiosity and intelligence are the two important factors that feed the human imagination and result in a self-understanding."