Sushi-conveyor filmmaking

Lost in a moment | Shrift (1998/Dennis Wheatley/Stefan McClean) 4'56"

"one take impromptu film made in Tokyo by Dennis Wheatley and Stefan McClean.
We were sitting in this sushi bar pondering how best to set up a camera to film things all by itself whilst we were in Tokyo.
Take our hands out of the equation... let the camera have its own journey.
I'd taken a cannibalised record turntable with me from the UK with the idea of filming slow panoramas but it was painfully bumpy and stopped every minute.
Then we had our eureka moment and filmed this.
A few years later I was working on a piece of music and married the two together.
The music is all about that feeling when you're half asleep in the sun.. the ambiance of foreign voices becomes a lullaby to dream away.
There's something beautiful in not understanding a language.. it becomes abstract, musical.
Opera is so much better when you can't understand the words!
What we loved about watching this film back was the space that the camera was able to enter.. extremely personal and scrutinising but not too lingering."

The music is 'lost in a moment' by 'shrift' from the album of the same name.

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