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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

LINKS :: Lisandro ALONSO

Lisandro ALONSO (born 2 Jun 1975; Buenos Aires, Argentina) = 34 yold in 2009
4 films / 4 screenplays (1st film: 2001/latest film: 2008)
INSPIRED BY : Fernando Birri (Tire dié, Los inundados), Héctor Babenco (Pixote), Jorge Preloran, Nicolas Sarquis (Palo y hueso), Lumière, Abbas Kiarostami, Werner Herzog (Aguirre)?
C.C.C. films (strict model in red) : Liverpool ; Fantasma ; Los Muertos ; La Libertad
INFLUENCE ON : Paz Encina ?

S/T sin titulo (2009) Short - BAFICI 2009
Liverpool (2008) IMDb link - Quinzaine des Réalisateurs Cannes 2008
Fantasma (2006) IMDb link - Cannes 2006

Los Muertos (2004) IMDb link - Cannes 2004

  • "Le deuxième souffle" By: Jean-Philippe Tessé (Cahiers du cinéma, n° 590; May 2004) [FRENCH]
  • "L'épopée stupéfiante d'un solitaire" By: Jacques Mandelbaum (Le Monde; 15 May 2004) [FRENCH]
  • "Des acteurs vierge de cinéma" By: Thomas Sotinel (Le Monde; 15 May 2004) [FRENCH]
  • "Lisandro Alonso : géométrie variable" By: Emmanuèle Frois (Le Figaro, 15 May 2004) [FRENCH]
  • "That's How a Man Lives" By: Andy Rector (FIPRESCI; 2004)
  • "L' oubli et l'oubli" By: Sylvain Coumoul (Cahiers du cinéma, n° 595, Nov 2004) [FRENCH]
  • "L'enfer vert" By: Vincent Ostria (Les Inrocks; 3 Nov 2004) [FRENCH]
  • "Bouffée d'anxiogène" By: Didier Péron (Libération; 3 Nov 2004) [FRENCH]
  • "Los Muertos" By: Jacques Morice (Télérama; 3 Nov 2004) [FRENCH]
  • "Lisandro Alonso filme son tropisme pour la vie sauvage" By: Thomas Sotinel (Le Monde; 6 Nov 2004) [FRENCH]
  • "Los Muertos end credits" By: Zach Campbell (a_film_by, 23 Feb 2005)
  • "Los Muertos, 2004" By: acquarello (Strictly Film School, 19 Feb 2005)
  • "Los Muertos, 2004" By: Mohit Sabharwal (The New Delhi Biscuit Company, 24 Apr 2005)
  • "Lisandro Alonso. Bevrijd in de jungle" By: Gabe Klinger (Filmkrant, #270, Oct 2005) [DUTCH]
  • "Films That Got Away" By: Andy Rector (KINO SLANG; 1 Jul 2006)
  • "Got Your Goat" By: Nathan Lee (The Village Voice; 27 March 2007)
  • "Los Muertos" By: Matt Zoller Seitz (NYT; 5 Apr 2007)
  • "Los Muertos", "Quiet City" By: Michael Atkinson (IFC; 28 Jan 2008)
  • "Los Muertos (Lisandro Alonso, 2004)" By: grunes (Dennis Grunes, 23 Jul 2008)
  • "Lisandro Alonso『Los Muertos』" By: maplecat-eve (maplecat-eve Diary; 5 Oct 2009) [JAPANESE]
  • (add link here)
La Libertad (2001) IMDb link - NYFF 2001

Dos en la vereda (1995) short

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BOOK on Lisandro ALONSO
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Please complete, correct when needed. This is an ongoing resource page to be updated.


Matthew Flanagan said...

Excellent, Harry! I've been meaning to do this for a while. A few more essentials:

La libertad

Brief thoughts on La libertad by Zach Campbell
Guadalajara Film Fest, Entry 1 by Robert Koehler at filmjourney.
La libertad (capsule review) by Geoff Andrew at Time Out (London).

Los muertos

"That's How a Man Lives" by Andy Rector at FIPRESCI
"untitled" by Andy Rector at KINO SLANG
Got Your Goat by Nathan Lee at The Village Voice
Los muertos (review) by Matt Zoller Seitz at The New York Times
"Los Muertos", "Quiet City" by Michael Atkinson at IFC
Re: Staying power by Zach Campbell at afilm by, also: thread LOS MUERTOS end credits.


Alonso Ascends the Staircase by Robert Koehler at Undercurrent (FIPRESCI)
The Phantom of Liberty: Lisandro Alonso's Fantasma by Neil Young at Jigsaw Lounge


Links compilation by David Hudson at The Auteurs Daily
The Making of Liverpool: 1 & 2
Liverpool en Cannes by Quintin(?) at La lectora provisoria
Cartas de Cannes by Kent Jones (on Liverpool, 23.05.08)
Cannes 2008: Don't be so Naive! by Kent Jones at Film Comment
Liverpool (review) by Robert Koehler at Variety
Jobber Adrift at Sea Takes Leave in Liverpool by J. Hoberman at the Village Voice
Liverpool (review) by Geoff Andrew at Time Out (London)
Deep and Wide: The 2008 American Film Institute Festival by Megan Ratner at Bright Lights Film Journal

- note: the Sight & Sound article (A Trilogy of Closely Observed Characters) is by Quintin.


Days in Buenos Aires: Lisandro Alonso by Robert Koehler


Give them 'Liberty'; Give them 'The Dead': Lisandro Speaks by Neil Young
LFF: Liverpool - Interview by Maria Delgado, LFF, 2008

Texts by Lisandro

En la cama de una pension, Calle Juana Fadul, Ushuaia, enero de 2007 at Ekran Untranslated, Nov/Dec 2007


Hope that helps. Shall leave you to do the rest of the organising!

Matthew Flanagan said...


Bits & pieces

(on La libertad, briefly) by Robert Koehler at Indiewire
Unfinished Diary Las Palmas '09 (on Liverpool, briefly) by Adrian Martin at Rouge

There's also an article by James Quandt in Artforum called Ride Lonesome (presumably about Liverpool, Nov 2008), which I haven't read yet...

Anything else that you could dig up would be great!

HarryTuttle said...

Thanks. I added your links.

Michael Guillen said...

As ever, an invaluable service, Harry. I'm looking forward to Alonso's Northwest Film Forum retrospective come mid-November. I'll be speaking with him again then.

Michael Guillen said...

Also, Quandt's "Ride Lonesome" essay is essential. An edited version of that article is in the current Cinematheque Ontario calendar and the Artforum piece in its entirety can be accessed through the Highbeam Research Library. I have it on Word if you'd like me to forward it to you.

Matthew Flanagan said...

Yes please, Maya! Will save me photocopying it. E-mail me through my profile...

HarryTuttle said...

I would like to read it too. Please send it over. I need the complete reference to put it up on the list. If you have the direct Highbeam link I can add it too.

HarryTuttle said...

added: "Lisandro Alonso tambien habla, parle" interview by: Hector Bujia (Cinémas d'Amérique Latine, #13, 2005) [French-Spanish]

weepingsam said...

Quick note - he will be at the Harvard Film Archive this coming weekend.

claro mensajes said...

Thanks harry , Thanks for sharing it.