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Monday, December 18, 2017

Béla Tarr & Agnes Hranitzky (videos)

6 years already since a Bela Tarr & Agnes Hranitzky film, and Tarr already said in 2008 that The Turin Horse (2011) would be his LAST film (and there is no reason not to believe him, he really hates it when people ask him to make another film).
Recently he made an exhibition titled "Till the End of The World" at the Eye filmmuseum in Amsterdam (21 january - 7 may 2017). Anybody visited this exhibition??? A Glimpse of the exhibition in this video.
I made two mistakes on this blog by calling him Tarr Béla because that's how names are presented in Hungary. What I didn't know is that he prefers his "westernized" name (firstname first, family name last) because it gives him an international stature, to escape his hungariano-centric culture. The second mistake was to exclude Agnes Hranitzky from the authorship of their work, as Bela Tarr prefers to present it, as a team job.
A homage to one of the greatest filmmakers of all time, and THE masters of Contemplative Cinema, here are some videos of Bela Tarr since his retirement, making conferences and interviews around the world, and managing his film school in Sarajevo : The Film Factory (2014-2017).




VIDEO-ESSAYS (inspired by Béla Tarr & Agnes Hranitzky) :

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