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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cristian Mungiu (Cannes 2012)

Cristian Mungiu on his view of cinema (about his film DUPÃ DEALURI / BEYOND THE HILLS)  :
"My choice to not use music and not abuse editing was made before 4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days. Simply because the kind of cinema I'm trying to make tries as much as possible to make the filmmaker's presence invisible. And the two choices that are the most visible for a film are music (which is very external for me) and editing (which shows you what's more important than something else). This is why we all made this effort to make all the film in plan-séquence. It is very complicated to find that specific point in space, geometrically speaking, from where you can shoot a scene (which is tri-dimensional) and still don't lose much. And respect this great idea of theatre, that if you want the things happen in front of you and you [the spectator] will decide what's more important. It's finally a matter of respect for my spectators. I don't think they have to be told when to be emotional or not. And this is why the only part in my film where I use music is the final credit. But I'm very happy for me that the intervention of the Dardenne brothers was a different perspective. They were among the first people who read the screenplay. They didn't say much, but they agreed to be partners. And it was a very good sign for me. [..]

I just want to say one thing to conclude. It's best for this film if people will manage to see it, and journalists will manage to appreciate it as an autonomous film without comparing it to anything else, especially my previous films. That will be good for the film and for its understanding. Thank you."
Cannes International Film Festival, press conference, 19 May 2012 (video 51'38")

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