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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Who said Contemplation was slow? (time-lapse)

Typhoon "Nangka" over Hong Kong (time-lapse) Tokyoahead (YouTube) 5'29"
This is a timelapse from 7am until 9pm of Typhoon Nangka hitting Hong Kong. 26 June 2009

Panama Canal crossing, Radiance of the Seas, 8 May 2003 (space/time-lapse) 1'52"

Shibuya-Hachiko crossing in Tokyo, 2 Feb 2009 (time-lapse) 1'38"

Time lapse video of the 5-6 February 2010 snowfall in Washington DC (Nikon D200 set to make an exposure every 5 minutes. 328 frames at 12 fps) 28"

The time-lapse compression of a long period of time emphasize these little subtle changes that occur during a static contemplation of the same spot or the same direction. These are the details almost imperceptible in real time that give richness and depth to a seemingly flat and "boring" view. The level of attention ought to be enhanced in a stasis film to get a chance to catch anything, to find any interest, to appreciate the passage of time and the paced rhythm of the atmospheric light, the trembling vegetation, the geological vibrations...

Morning drive in Tokyo 06, Shibuya Station Street - Roppongi - Aoyama-dori Omotesandou - Tokyo Midtown (real time = "spatial-lapse") 4 Jan 2009 - 8'

C'était un rendez-vous (1976/Lelouch/France) 8'40"


HarryTuttle said...

A true timelapse made from more than 3500 high resolution images shot from the same spot during all of 2010.
One year in 2 minutes (Eirik Solheim, 6 Jan 2011) 2'13"

HarryTuttle said...

added: C'était un rendez-vous (1976/Lelouch/France) 8'40"