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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Werckmeister Homage

Werckmeister Harmonies cited in pop culture by The Simpsons, Tarr Béla came a long way!

The Simpsons (2010/Groening/USA) Season 21, Episode #19

Werckmeister Harmonies (2000/Tarr/Hungary)


Adrian Mendizabal said...


Just Another Film Buff said...


HarryTuttle said...

Could you guys elaborate maybe?

Just Another Film Buff said...

It's really nice to see this. Assuming that not many of The Simpson's audience might be acquainted with this film (or may be even all of foreign cinema), it's refreshing to see (along with the homage to 400 Blows) them recognizing this great film.

HarryTuttle said...

I'm not entirely sure it's a conscious, deliberate homage. But the role of this embarrassing whale and its effect on the people of Springfield do bear a certain resemblance. Maybe they just saw the iconic frame from Werckmeister long time ago and used the same composition unconsciously when drawing this composition. Usually, The Simpsons make sure the homage is obvious.