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Friday, March 07, 2008

arte povera

Adrian Martin's letter (6-30-1997) in chapter 1 of Movie Mutations, the changing face of world cinephilia (2003), talking about Cassavetes' Love Stream (1984) and Philippe Garrel's Les Baisers de Secours (1989), snipet :
"Cassavetes and Garrel stand for one sort of extreme that I love and cherish in cinema : a kind of arte povera fixed on the minute fluctuations of intimate life, on the effervescence of mood and emotion, and the instability of all lived meaning. A cinema which is a kind of documentary event where the energies of bodily performance, of gesture and utterance and movement, collide willy-nilly, in ways not always forseen or proscribed, with the dynamic, formal, figurative work of shooting, framing, cutting, sound recording. A cinema open to the energies and intensities of life - and perpetually transformed by them."

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Maya said...

Such a lovely definition. Thanks for offering that up.

HarryTuttle said...

Hi Maya, thanks for stopping by.
I like how this comment on Cassavetes and Garrel, CCC precursors, also apply to the more extreme mundanity ( sans narrative dramatisation) of today's Contemplative films.