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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Roundtable 5 : Bad Contemplative Films

Last week of the blogathon! Last chance to post your contribution if you haven't yet.

As the activity slows down anyway, let's take a look at failing contemplation. Films trying hard to be as minimalist as CC but not quite getting there, thus becoming actually boring, without a rewarding enlightment. It's not easy to go for minimalism, so a mimic of the form is not enough to reach the essence of CC.
What are the reasons a film would fail to appear contemplative to even the most tolerant cinephiles?

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HarryTuttle said...

I'm think for example of Marc Recha's Days of August (2006), which I saw lately. acquarello's review contrasts it to successful CC films like Los Muertos, or Mysterious Object at Noon.

It "ultimately collapses from the elliptical vacuity and insubstantialness of its glossy, self-important travelogue images"
and I think that's how profound, humble contemplation can turn into real boredom.

Paul Martin said...

Sharon Lockhart's Pine Flats (2006) had me walking out after 40 minutes, but most of the audience preceded me. I posted a review at IMDB. While the director's intention was to create a meditative ambience, it seems a bit much to expect an audience to sit two hours through what was effectively a gallery installation.